Sunday Night, Monday Morning

I work a full time job, which, unfortunately, is not watching tv or writing about it. So, I’m going to have to condense my thoughts about all the tv I watched Sunday night.  And, yes, it is two days late.  Like I said, I work a fulltime job. Enjoy!     The Leftovers Kevin, Sr. finally […]

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No show is perfect. Every episode can’t be masterfully crafted. Even Mad Men laid an egg from time to time and ‘The Stray’ is Westworld’s first egg. Now, in terms of eggs, it wasn’t so bad. There were some good scenes, world building, and character development. But you know that old saying about how the bad outweighs […]

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Roasting On An Open Fire

There are some television series where their biggest obstacle is world building.  More than just tone, world building gives the viewer a baseline for what is normal for the characters.  For instance, on The Addams Family the characters lived in the present-day, but were well outside the norms of reality.  The show established how, in this home and […]

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To Hurt A Horse Fly

I still remember when I first saw Westworld.  I must have been eight or nine.  We didn’t have cable yet so, if we didn’t watch one of the three networks, then we would just end up watching the movie on our local, non-affiliated tv channel, WYZZ.  My age didn’t allow me to form an opinion of the […]

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Vinyl: Yesterday Once More

For anyone with an addict as a loved one, the sight of Richie Finestra sobbing in his wife’s arms is a familiar experience.  They reach rock bottom and you’re being dragged down with them.  After episode two, I’m wondering if Vinyl’s main addict/character will drag the show down. ‘Yesterday Once More’ begins with Richie miming […]

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Rebel, Rebel

I hate crying in the morning, which is why I kept pressing the snooze screen this morning.  About an hour before my alarm was set to go off I woke up needing to use the bathroom.  When I came back I checked my phone and saw the New York Times update:  David Bowie had died. […]

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