Zen, or the Skill to Catch a Killer

This is the Twin Peaks episode where things get weird — David Lynch weird.  Which makes sense considering he directed this episode.  When people talk about how great and weird Twin Peaks is, this is the number one example.  Look at what’s there!  You’ve got Audrey’s dance, Tibetan rock throwing, Leland Palmer’s breakdown to the […]

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Traces to Nowhere

After writing about the pilot I decided to learn more about the collaboration between Mark Frost and David Lynch, and how ABC came to air the show.  I began reading Reflections: An Oral History of Twin Peaks and learned how the series was always meant to be about the town, its people, and their secrets.  […]

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Northwest Passage

It is dawn and a man is going fishing.  As he walks along the shore of a lake she’s easy to miss.  Our eyes are on the man, on the beauty surrounding him.  She is just a small, white shape on the shore.  She could be a rock for all we know.  But as the […]

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